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"Prevention is better than cure"



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We believe in today's hectic world most of us tend to neglect our health.

There's an increase incidence of hypertension, diabetes and cancer. However with regular screening many of these diseases can be delayed or picked up early therefore preventing long term complications. The clinic provides many different screening packages from less detailed to comprehensive. We send all lab investigations to established laboratories like Gribbles, Pantai Lab and Quantum.

Full Blood Examination - Haemoglobin | Total RBC | White Cell Count | Differential Count | Platelet Count | PCV | MCH/MCV | MCHC | Blood Film.

Kidney Function Test - Sodium | potassium | Chloride | Urea | Creatinine | Calcium | Phosphate | Uric acid

Lipid Profile - Total cholesterol | HDL Cholesterol | LDL Cholesterol | Triglycerides | Total Cholestetrol/HDL Ratio

Liver Function Test - Total Protein | Albumin | Globulin | Total bilirubin | ALP | AST | ALT | GGT

Diabetic Screen - Glucose | HbA1C

Urine Examination - Urine FEME

Thyroid Screening - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone TSH

Immunology & Serology - Hepatitis B Surface antigen (HBsAg) | Hepatits B Surface antibody (HBsAb) | Rheumatoid Arthiritis (RA) Factor | Hepatitis A Antibody (HAV IgG) | HIV I & II Antibody Screening

Renal Function Test - Sodium | Potassium | Chloride | Urea | Creatinine | Calcium | Corrected Calicum | Phosphate

Gout - Uric Acid

Tumour Markers - Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) | CA 19.9 | Carcino Embryonic Antigen (CEA)

Others - Blood Grouping (ABO & Rh) | Hs-CRP

Full History taking and Physical Examination

Ht/Wt, BP, Visual Acuity, Colour Vision.

Full Blood Count | Lipid Profile

Liver Function Tests | Diabetes Screen

Bone Health-Calcium, Phosphate | Urine Exam

Thyroid Screen

Hepatitis Screening

STD Screening

Cancer markers- CA15.5, CA19.9, CEA, AFP etc

Fast Overnight for 10-12 Hours

Only Water is allowed, No Coffee or Tea

Bring Relevant past medical records or Lab results and current medicines.


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